Thursday, June 3, 2010

Social Media: My First Week

At first, I, like many others assumed social media was a piece of cake. I mean how hard could updating status's and tweeting be?

Man, was I wrong. I have so much to learn about social media. For starters, always remember these social media platforms are representing your company,they are your voice.

These are platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, FourSquare, etc..When using these platforms be sure to know the focus and goal of what your company wants social media to do for them.

Some tips about social media that I've learned so far:

Tip #1-Don't be generic

-Make sure you are keeping your audience entertained. Reusing the same status's and tweets shows you don't have anything unique to offer, and your audience becomes uninterested.

Tip #2-Get your audience to interact
-Ask for consumer's feedback. People love to share their thoughts, especially what they DON'T like.
-Ask questions and provide answers--Followers will continue to come back if they enjoy your page the first time around. So make it count.

Tip #3-Don't Be Afraid of Negative Feedback or "Constructive Criticism"

-This shows that you are honest, "human", and willing to listen to what consumers like and want.

Tip #4-Don't overtake your social media platforms  
-While you want to be active in your communities being too spammy or unoriginal can cause a negative reaction to your company.

----This week At Smashyn...

Smashyn has been building a client's Facebook Page. This included launching campaigns, which included giveaways, discounts, contests, questions, videos etc..The intention: Grab people's attention. However, the result of all the back-to-back promotions, the Page interaction decreased. So we learn...and we move forward.
Smashyn regrouped and remembered the focus. Decrease promotional giveaways and went back to basics. Ask questions, give answers and provide content people want.

Check back later this week to learn as I learn...more about social media! Remember to follow me @smediaintern or friend me on Facebook.


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