Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Smashyn Uses Twitter & My First Tweetup

How SMASHYN uses Twitter
At Smashyn we use Twitter to market for our beauty and skincare clients. Through Twitter we can easily access the (beauty and skincare) community and follow them, and have them follow us.

Tip: Go and follow not only those interested in your niche, but also follow your competition..this is a good way to keep an eye on them. No need to send your secret spies.

We also use Twitter to drive our followers to blog posts, contests, information that is relevant and what the company is doing. We provide content that people want to read (even if you only have 140 characters to write with) and allows them to interact with.

When using Twitter Smashyn Never:
  • Uses Auto Tweet.. In order to brand our clients correctly, it is worth the time to go in to all our different accounts and tweet live. If you aren't actually on Twitter, you shouldn't be tweeting out messages.
  • Auto Direct Messages..This function was made to contact people privately. Now users create automatic direct messages for when you follow them.
I don't know about you but this is probably my biggest frustration with Twitter. Why do I want to be notified that someone is basically sending me a spam Hey! Check me out, it is all about me Blah Blah Blah! Come on! Be ORIGINAL and put the effort into to it.

Smashyn Personally Uses Twitter:
To establish our presence in the world of social media, stay up to date and inform others what is going on in Social Media, and to connect with others in the Social Media. Like last night when we went to the Tweetup & tonight to the SFIMA event. Check back this weekend for a recap on the event.
My First Tweetup
I didn't really know what to expect..I mean I am just trying to get a hold of this Twitter thing, and now I am actually meeting up with people from Twitter. Weird? Kind of, but you get to meet a lot of great people, and really put a name to the face.

Unless you do hours of research on the people who are attending prior to the event, you can't necessarily tell who is who off the bat. This is a great blind way of meeting people, and really getting the chance to tell them what exactly it is that you do. You get the chance to actually have a conversation with someone who has similar interests (SOCIAL MEDIA DUH) and get to know the "man behind the internet".
 At the Tweetup I met some cool people like @mmwine, @mdl914, @witt_on_twit, and @ScholarAndAGent at @WildOlivesCafe..looking forward to my next Tweetup.:)

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