Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twitter?--Tweedle? Twit? Oh Right: "Tweet"

First there was Myspace—TOM --gotta love Tom! Then Facebook surfaced. After first using Myspace I was VERY hesitant to start using Facebook. I mean why did I need ANOTHER site to talk to my friends on.

But I was going to college soon, and my friends convinced me it was necessary. Ended up being a great way to talk to people going to the same university. (Plus Myspace was getting way too spammy!)
Alright so I was with Facebook, loving it and THEN I heard about Twitter (from my DAD of all people). He started telling me: people were using this site to represent their companies. I didn't get it so I checked it out, got my own account and began my "attempt" to use it.

I think I tweeted about 4 times and I was done. What was the point of this “tweeting” I didn't know anyone that was using Twitter. Seemed just like updating status's on Facebook but without the rest of the good/fun stuff. So I stopped, and stuck to what I knew and liked: Facebook.

So when I got this internship, Twitter was/is my biggest hurdle. I needed to start using Twitter and understand it completely. After using it daily for the past couple of weeks, I am now  beginning to understand why it is useful.

While (to me) Facebook is more of a personal networking site, I find Twitter very useful to communicate with other people interested in specifically what I am interested in: Social Media!

I am still getting the hang of “tweeting” and “retweeting”, hashtags #, and mentions @smediaintern...but soon enough it will be just as familiar as Facebook (I'm hoping).

Why your company should use Twitter
  • Twitter has the capability to reach an infinite amount of new consumers daily. So question is why wouldn't you do it?? Your consumers would be able to follow your business daily and have a personal connection with the company.
  • Twitter is a great way to get your company name out there. You can do product giveaways, coupon codes, ask and answer questions. Really get your consumers involved with your company!
  • Many large companies are using social media platforms such as Twitter to increase their following through Social Media. I know comparing small businesses to companies like Pepsi and Starbucks isn't fair or doesn't seem realistic. I mean Hey! they have all the resources to back them up. However they DO have to put a lot of time and effort into it as well. The only difference would be: Giving up.
  • Don't give up too easily! You won't get 1,000 followers overnight or probably even in a week. Be willing to work at it, its worth it! Social Media is the new media and is constantly growing. Be Patient! Get in on it now before you are too far behind.
How Smashyn uses Twitter:

We're attending a Tweetup Tonight to network with others in South Florida.
I have never been to a Tweetup before...very excited to see what goes on. Check back to see how it goes how else Smashyn uses Twitter.

How are you or your company using Twitter? Leave a comment and let everyone know!


  1. Hey very nice posts. Seems like your learning a ton with these social websites. Will keep updated with your blog, perhaps we can help each other out with some of this stuff sometimes

  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I did this for a friends wedding party and it worked jolly good. It lasts the whole evening