Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Two Clicks To Deposit Checks on Your Iphone

So I was riding home from work the other day, and jamming out to the radio and by no other choice listening to commercials. This Chase commercial came on started talking about depositing a check in TWO clicks. My attention immediately focused. What was this commercial talking about??

So here's the deal: Chase added some new features to their mobile banking application. One of these features is the ability to deposit a check by taking a picture. Just launch the application and take a clear shot of the front and back of the check. ( Be sure to sign the back!) It immediately confirms whether the check is valid and deposited!

Funny thing is Chase isn't the first bank to do come out with this application. USAA, a private bank for military personnel, came out with it about a year ago. However, since USAA isn't a public banking institution, it didn't have the ability to reach the masses.

Currently, I don't have a Chase account or an Iphone my question is when is it coming out for Android or Blackberry? and when is Bank of America going to catch up in technology??

I definitely have Chase on my mind now..that's fore sure! What about you? Would you switch banks for this cool depositing mobile feature?

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  1. Going from large bank to large bank wouldn't really matter to me, I probably would switch. But if you already have a Chase account like me, no switch is necessary! The other half of it, the iPhone, is another issue though... if something happens to my bbcurve, this would really be a compelling reason to switch. Just open up the check, sign it, take two pictures, and I'm done. That's kind of awesome. Makes you wonder what they'll think of next.

    Great blog, btw! I'm also a social media intern, and you just followed our Twitter account =] (@ottawaydigital). I'll be looking for your updates!