Monday, July 26, 2010

Social Media Campaigns

While some of you are wondering, why does she keep posting about this SkinCare Blogger Wars presented by Natural Skin Shop.

Well the answer is simple: Natural Skin Shop is one of the clients I help represent. I work directly with my superior to manage their social media. SkinCare Blogger Wars is our newest social media game and the concept is fairly simple.

Natural Skin Shop would like YOU to blog about them(Natural Skin Shop) on YOUR personal blog and link to their website, ( Whomever drives the most unique traffic to wins 1st place, and 2nd and 3rd place accordingly. There are tons of other prizes to win, so there is a really good chance IF YOU ENTER YOU WILL WIN SOMETHING.

We decided to run this campaign because the rest of the team at Smashyn is working to optimize our websites and increase our SEO. We decided we would like to stick with the same goal in mind!We also know all you BLOGGERS love a good competition. So why not Blogger Wars?

So besides the CASH and Products you could win, why should you write about Natural Skin Shop. They will feature your blog(post) on their Facebook Page which has over 2600 fans and is CONTINUOUSLY growing. This is a great chance for new people to follow your blog.

Now WHAT are you waiting for?!? GO BLOG ABOUT NATURAL SKIN SHOP!!

*Don't have a blog?? : Subscribe (follow) Natural Skin Shop's blog and get a chance to win a skincare kit. **TODAY ONLY**

Check back to learn how running this campaign went. I'll talk about having realistic goals, and really having a clear goal in mind when running social media campaigns. Check back later this week!

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