Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm back!...I've been swamped behind the Scenes of Social Media

Hey guys! It has definitely been a while since I wrote last. In the world of Social Media, things move extremely fast and I am learning how to keep up, which I am however that doesn't leave much time to write and keep myself sane at the same time. I check one thing off the list and add 5 more. Just to keep you up to date on what I am doing:

My job entails many things from knowing where my boss's phone is to handling 20 writers for the content that we are producing, for a lot of different websites. I work with them on a one-on-one basis, assigning topics, editing and giving constructive criticism about their articles, and even had to fire some too. (How cool is that?? How many interns do you know that get to fire someone? Awesome!!).

We are also looking to take on a potential client and going through the different aspects such as what are the benefits? What are the negatives? Will this client work well with our company? We are working on a proposal and knowing what we want out of it if Smashyn decides to go forward and work with the client.

Something that I think will definitely help our Social Media Team to be more productive: We just switched offices!! With this I have now learned how to use our flat screen tv to project what I am working on my computer onto the screen. We keep TweetDeck* up there to keep an eye on the many different accounts and it makes things much easier. Not to mention that our old office didn't have a window, and the new found sunlight =happiness.

*Tweetdeck is a useful tool to manage multiple Twitter accounts. This proves to be very useful when managing my personal Twitter @socialmediaintern, @Smashyn, and our other clients. (I'll touch more on Tweetdeck in another post).

Last week we attended Mashable's Social Media Day in South Florida where we were co-sponsoring the event with other local companies. Since our company works directly with a premier skincare line, we were able to create personalized Social Media Day moisturizer bottles to hand out. Very excited about this, as I did help design the layout of the bottle.

Also, finally getting my own business card!!This I have found to be extremely pertinent, since I am going to many different events and networking with many different contacts. It should be interesting, in the future if we will even need business cards? I have even seen business card barcodes, where people wear them as a sticker, and people can get all their information in one shot. Can't wait to see where technology will take us.

Promise the next time I write it will be sooner than a month. Check back to see what else I have been up to at Smashyn.

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